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2012 Rifle Cow Elk

2012 Rifle Cow Elk First week of Rifle Cow elk we had 4 clients and all 4 harvested cows.  So we were 100% first week.   Second week we had 4 clients and 65 degree weather in December.  The elk weren't moving and no one shot a thing.  Our slowest week ever. Brett from IN with his nice cow cow welk,

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2012 Rifle Elk

2012 Rifle Elk 1st Season:  We had 7 hunters in camp this week.  Even with the unesasonably warm weather we had four hunters shoot bulls, one bull was missed at 100 yards, and there were multiple other close calls. 2nd Season / 1st week:  We had 4 hunters in camp this week and we harvested 4 bulls.

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2012 Rifle Antelope

2012 Rifle Antelope Peyton from TX shot this antelope on the first morning of his hunt with guide Luke and friend Travis.   Dale from KY shot this antelope buck on the first morning of his hunt with guide Luke.   Jim from Louisiana shot this buck at the end of the first day of his hunt with guide Fred.

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2012 Fall Turkey

2012 Fall Turkey Our 7 year old son Trent with his second turkey alongside his proud dad.   Ryan Manning took this hen in the midst of his bear hunt with guide Fred.  

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2012 Archery Antelope

2012 Archery Antelope We have 7 hunters in camp this week.  On our first day we had one nice buck taken and three other hunters had bucks between 30 and 45 yards.   Day two we had one buck missed and Jack from Texas smoked a nice buck.   Day Three....We had two more bucks harvested, one buck missed

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2012 Archery Elk

2012 Archery Elk  Week 1 we had 3 guided elk hunters in camp the first week and 3 non-guided elk hunters. Out of our 3 Non- guided we harvested 1 bull, had one bull missed and the third hunter did not have an opportunity. So we were 2 out of 3 on shot opportunities and 1 out of 3 on harvests for our non-guided hunters.

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2012 Black Bear

2012 Black Bear We had 3 bear hunters in camp first week and all three had shot opportunities and two connected on beautiful bear. We also had a elk hunter from week 3 who harvested a nice bear on his hunt. Week 4 we had 2 guided bear hunters and 2 non-guided bear hunters.  Our two guided bear hunters both shot

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2012 Mule Deer

2012 Mule Deer Aaron Watson from TX shot this 3x4 mule deer buck with guide Fred on the second morning of his hunt.   Wayne Loewer from AR shot his first mule deer buck on the last evening of his hunt after shooting his first bull elk ever that morning, both with guide Weston.   Wright Harrell shot

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2012 Spring Turkey

2012 Spring Turkey Turkey season has come and gone!    Week 1:  We had 6 hunters in our first group.  Opening morning we had snow! It was a great 3 day hunt and all six of our hunters saw numerous birds and 5 out of 6 took nice birds. Week 2:  We had 3 hunters in our next group. One shot a beautiful 

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2010/2011 Mtn Lion

2010/2011 Mtn Lion Yesterday after arriving back in Colorado, Fred guided our oldest son Jeb to his first Mtn Lion that same afternoon.  Snow is good and we have called another client in.  Will keep you posted. Finally got some more snow and called in Chase from Kentucky.  Chase shot a beautiful tom the

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January Rifle Cow Elk

January Rifle Cow Elk We ended Cow elk season with our middle son Seth taking his first elk.  Guided by Dad Fred and assisted by brothers, Jeb and Trent. January Cow elk ended with our middle son Seth (12 years old )taking his first elk ever.

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2011 Late Season Archery Deer

2011  Late Season Archery Deer We had one Archery Whitetail hunter in November.  He came close missing 2 Bucks and seeing lots of deer.  Our own Michele Eichler shot a nice whitetail on the river bottom for Muzzy Bad to the Bone TV. Our own Fred Eichler shot an awesome buck on video yesterday, Photos are up. Lastly we had

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2011 Cow Elk

2011  Cow Elk Ended the elk season with a double with our oldest boys Jeb and Seth, Dad Fred guided with Assistant Guide Trent We have 7 Cow Elk hunters coming in for the December Cow Elk Season.  Our First Cow Elk hunter shot his cow the afternoon he arrived and left just before we had a snow storm hit. 

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2011 Rifle Elk/Bear/Deer

1st Rifle Season- We had 6 clients in this week.  We had a client pass on a 5 x 5 bull the first morning and we had 2  6 x 6 bulls missed.  One at 140 yards and one at 390 yards. We also had one nice 6 x 6 bull harvested. Unseasonable hot weather in the 80's and a full moon made this

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2011 Archery and Rifle Bear

2011 Archery and Rifle Bear We had one bear hunter in camp and  he had 4 bull elk in range and saw one big sow with a cub but no other opportunities. Our own Fred shot a small but pretty chocolate colored bear to add some bear meat to our freezer. One of our Non-guided Elk hunters harvested a beautiful chocolate bear with

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2011 NM Archery Deer

2011 NM Archery Deer  We had a total of 8 hunters this year.  6 of the 8 took nice bucks and the other two had shot opportunities.  All in all a great year in New Mexico. Jim from Wisconsin took this nice buck on his hunt.  This was Jim's second year in a row hunting New Mexico with us. John from

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2011 Antelope

2011 Antelope Awesome first week of Antelope Season.  We had 9 guided clients and 7 out of 9 harvested Bucks.  8 out of 9 got shots and the one guy that didn't shoot passed some smaller bucks. We had 4 shots missed.  We were 100% on opportunities at legal bucks and we were 78% on harvested bucks. 

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2011 Colorado Turkey

2011 Colorado Turkey Our first 2 clients were both successful harvesting beautiful Toms.  Each had multiple shot opportunities on their hunt. We have had 3 more clients and all 3 scored on nice birds.  2 Shot Toms on the 1st day of their hunt and the other shot a nice bird on the second day. Our own Jake Kraus

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2010 Late Season Cow Elk

2010 Late Season Cow Elk   Lastly, our son Seth took his first elk.  A nice cow.  Dad Fred guided him and brothers Jeb and Trent helped. So far we have had six Late Season cow elk hunters,  and all six took nice cows and saw between 50 and 100 elk on their hunt. Eddie from TX shot his first elk ever

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2010 Archery/Rifle Deer Success Photos

2010 Archery/Rifle Deer Success Photos We had one early season archery deer hunter.   Mike  from Colorado shot a big 176 inch Mule deer in Velvet. Late season Archery Deer. WHITETAIL:  We  had 3 Archery Whitetail hunters this year. One shot a nice 10 point today after passing on 3 bucks at less than 20 yards, including

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